• YOU LIVE IN CARMEL VALLEY it’s probably because you value its uniqueness -- its natural beauty and varied lifestyles. The Carmel Valley Association is the only community-wide organization devoted to preserving and protecting this special place.

  • WE ARE COMMITTED TO MAINTAINING THE RURAL CHARACTER of Carmel Valley. We support growth and development that is orderly, well planned and consistent with that character, when it can be achieved responsibly with respect to infrastructure such as traffic management, water resources, flooding protection, and emergency access.

  • THE CVA’s PURPOSE IS TO REPRESENT THE INTERESTS OF ALL those who actually live in or own property in Carmel Valley and who seek to retain its distinctiveness. CVA has been doing this for over 60 years and has hundreds of members. It is not a political organization.

  • CVA HAS A LONG, VIGOROUS AND EFFECTIVE RECORD of providing County authorities with competent and expert evaluation, which sometimes has been crucial on such environmental and other resource issues as the lack of water, flood plain concerns, traffic impact and ecological issues that affect Carmel Valley.When the County fails to protect our Valley, we speak up and fight for you!

  • WE ENGAGE IN AND SUPPORT PROJECTS that beneficially affect the lives of Valley residents of diverse back-grounds and means, such as affordable housing. For example, CVA helped avert the closing of Rippling River.

  • WE ARE ALL VOLUNTEER. Our Board is openly elected by CVA members, conducts its monthly meetings in public, and seeks to consider all shades of Valley opinion and to represent faithfully the expressed majority view of its membership.

  • WE CONTINUE TO ENJOY LIFE in the Valley, and to help community members stay informed, get to know their neighbors, discuss local events and issues, and express their views where they can be effective in helping to preserve and protect the unique character of the Valley. We send out quarterly newsletters and organize a free gatherings centered on informative topics of local interest. Our annual picnic and holiday party are highpoints of the Valley social calender. We welcome members’ ideas on what else we might do to enhance the pleasure of living in Carmel Valley.

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