Our First Community Art Contest,
"Inspired Impressions of Our Rural Valley!"
Was a Wonderful Experience for All!
In collaboration with the Carmel Valley Art Association, on April 18th, 2016 CVA sponsored our first Art Contest and Show, "Inspired Impressions of Our Rural Valley!"

Event coordinators Karin Strasser Kauffman (CVA) and Shelley Aliotti (CVAA), with the help of our Boards and members, gave us a sunning and successful event! An estimated 500 community members participated and visited the outdoor tent which exhibited more than 160 pieces of submitted art. Local artists entered a great variety different art categories such as oil, print, pastel, watercolor, photography, and sculpture. Student contributions from local elementary and secondary schools were awarded ribbons.

Thanks to Mibs McCarthy and Shelley Aliotti
for providing photos of our contestant's art.