Carmel Valley Association Water Policy
Adopted 2/15/2012

It is hereby resolved by the Carmel Valley Association that the future water supplies should conform to the following principles:

  • All new water supply facilities, except for improvements within the CalAm distribution system, should be owned by public agencies that are under the direction of a board on which officials elected by Monterey Peninsula citizens are substantially represented, such as MPWMD and MRWPCA.

  • The water supply plan shall be developed in a public process that is fully open and transparent

  • Time is of the essence and therefore:
  • The agency or agencies that will own and operate the facilities, working under very tight timelines should develop the specific facility plans and environmental documentation.

  • The selection of options shall be based on the estimated time required to complete the project and an assessment of the risks of delay due to potential threats as well as the cost, water quality, reliability and environmental impacts.

  • The projectís production capacity for the Monterey Peninsula, as well as Peninsula growth and drought protection policies and as many other details of the project as practicable should be those that were developed for Phase 1 of the Regional Desalination Project EIR.

Link to the Hybrid Regional Plan Created by the League of Women Voters
and Endorsed by CVA