Our Communcations Committe could use your help!

Description of Work:  Identifying and writing stories for the quarterly newsletter.

Training and Qualifications:  Awareness of community activities; good writing skills. 

Commitment Time:  Varies according to assignment. 

Day and Time of Meetings:  Meets quarterly.

CVA's Natural Heritage Committee needs your help!

As you may have heard, the Carmel Valley Association has recently created a new Natural Heritage Committee. The committee's mission is: 

To help celebrate, protect, restore and sustain Carmel Valley’s natural ecosystems; the social, cultural, spiritual, and economic benefits they provide; and the vital linkages between people and nature -- past, present, and future.  

While this mission can seem challenging, it is increasingly vital in our times if we want to save what we treasure most about the Carmel Valley. And, we need help to meet that challenge.  Once the new Committee has met, we will update this page with information about how to become a member or to contribute as a volunteer or intern.  Look for updates in early to mid-April, 2023.

And our Membership Committee could use help encouraging membership and hosting Carmel Valley events.

Description of Work:  Meet guests, keep attendance, discuss CVA mission, encourage membership in CVA and/or receipt of CVA e-bulletin.

Training and Qualifications:  Prior experience working in public relations or guest services.

Commitment Time: 2 hour shifts at special events throughout the year.

Day and Time of Meetings: meets second Tuesday of each month.